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Building Your Brand

Look at you now.....

Now that you've been in the salon for a while and are no longer a #beautynewbie, I'm pretty sure that you have:

1. Started to build your #clientele

2. Have an idea of what services are your favorite to do

3. Notice who your ideal clientele would be

If you haven't already, you definitely should begin to think about and take note (in your journal, of course) because these elements are vital when it comes to you #growingyourbusiness and #buildingyourbrand

You may be asking yourself where to begin and my advice to you is to remember your "why" when making your plan and it'll keep you on track. Make sure you connect with other seasoned hairstylists in your salon and/or in your area to build a network and bounce a few ideas off of.

It's not as hard as you may think.....

Say for instance that you love to do haircolor. You feel that it allows you to be the most creative and your clients always rave about your work. Here's a scaled down version of a plan that would suit you.

Clientele-The clients that you already color and hilight for more than likely have friends. #Wordofmouth is going to be your best friend. Offer incentives such as 20% off of their products the next time they come in for each color referral that they send to you. It's a win-win.

Services- Since you've established your favorite service to offer--haircolor in this example-come up with a cute, catchy phrase that's easy to remember. When you start to build your social media pages it could definitely become your go-to #hashtag and you can begin to build your page around that. Also, create a few catchy names for the services that you offer to make you #standout from the other stylits in your area.

There are definitely a few more steps involved in creating and planning your #brandbuildingprocess

Connecting with other hairstylists that are building their #brand as well is going to be beneficial to you at every step.

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" Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"-CoCo Chanel

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