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Valuable Info for the #newhairstylist

Now that you are in the salon, take a minute to strategize a bit.

In our haste to start racking in the #money , it's so easy to jump right in without a plan and we all know that failing to plan is planning to fail. Let's talk about a few things that you can do right now while you're scarfing down your lunch in the break room (don't deny's all in the day of a #hairstylistslife)

First things first....

Besides the obvious of respecting your clients time by not overbooking, keeping a pleasant disposition throughout the appoinment, and striving to deliver their desired hair result everytime--there are a few more things to consider.....

1. Why did you choose this profession?

2. What does success mean to you?

3. What steps will you take to achieve your goals?

Knowing this is imperative because it lays the #foundationforsuccess in the #beautyindustry. When you continue to ask yourself these questions before you make decisions, you will make better choices that not only positvely impact today but also down the road. Imagine you are designing a room with a nautical theme for your new baby. When you shop around, everything nautical will jump out at you becasue you have subconciously made decisions about what the perfect room looks like and even though that overstuffed, obnoxiously large old school Ford mustang pillow would be perfect for a boy--you leave it at the store because it doesn't fit the theme....

......same principal applies to your career. If you know that a choice made today will hinder growth tomorrow beacsue it doesn't fit the theme of your plans--don't do it.

Next, consider this....

1. What does your ideal client look like?

2. Where do you want to be financially and professionally in the next 3-5 years?

3. How can you achieve this and #worksmarternotharder?

It can seem to get a bit overwhelming but keep a journal with you. When you have a thought, idea, need to remember a haircolor formula, or just need to do something to keep from loosing your cool at yet another coworker using your clippers without asking--write it down. It's always so awesom to look back at where you were and measure how you've grown as a #hairboss.

Having a community of people that relate to what it's like being a #newhairstylist is imperative. Join our facebook group for more insight that'll help you as you begin your career. Can't wait to connect with you.

Just know that you are allowed to change your mind at anytime about your #goals. Sometimes we have to re-think our plan and that is just fine...

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