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Learn, Grow, Share, Repeat...

Not new to this--I'm true to this........

OK, I know you've had a long day at the salon and the last thing on your mind is hair but I promise this is worth the time. At this point in your career you're probably at a stage where you:

1. Have enough repeat clients on the books and spend long hours at the salon

2. More than likely are in a salon suite/booth rental

3. Looking for ways to grow your business that do not require more time #behindthechair

Keeping your "why" and your ideal clientele is just as important at this stage in your career as it was when you were just starting out as a #beautynewbie. Your next steps in scaling your brand forward depend on it.

What next.....

Brainstorming (in your notebook), is a great way to start this process. Think about your ideal client and what you could offer them to improve their beauty regiment. Does that include you creating a hair product line that suits their needs? Maybe even committing to offer YouTube tutorials once a week or hosting a few workshops to show your clients how to get salon quality styles at home. Consider your skillset, that you've worked so hard over the years to build, and think of ways you monetize on those things. By adding value to your clients lives when they aren't in the salon, you will find yourself working smarter--not harder.

Stuck on ideas and still need help with brainstorming? Sign up for our weekly newsletter and join our facebook page for opportunites to connect with other like minded hairstylists. We can't wait to meet, share, and grow with you.

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